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Container runner version 3.0.4

What’s New

  • Log errors from calls to Kubernetes API when loading token secrets on Kubernetes driver startup
  • Set reasonable resource requests and limits for logging containers
  • Add a liveness probe to check the health of the task-agent process
  • Respect node RBAC permission setting in K8s GC
  • Fix for custom Docker registry names
  • Fix for broken pipes while copying task agent when using Alpine-based images on MicroK8s
  • Fix for the task token from being able to be exposed in a job
  • Support Bash parameter expansion syntax in the job config file
  • Improve logging container configuration:
    • Only mount the service account token if there are service containers and therefore a logging container
    • Make the logging container respect the image pull policy of the task pod config, if set. This matches the behaviour of the primary and secondary containers in the task pod.
  • Improve task pod event logging in the Task lifecycle step

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