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Join teammates on CircleCI

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After setting up an organization in CircleCI, ensure your whole team get access.


Find your team

After creating an account, you can join an existing CircleCI organization using the Find Your Team dropdown menu in the Join Your Teammates card on the homepage.

Screenshot showing the welcome screen with the find your team menu expanded

There are three options:

  • Join via an invite

  • Search via GitHub

  • Search via Bitbucket

These options are also available at any time using the Join Organization menu on your homepage. Steps for each option are outlined in the following sections.

Join an existing CircleCI organization via an invite:

  1. Reach out to your organization admin to request an invite

  2. Your organization admin will need to follow the steps below in the ‘Invite teammates’ section to send you an email invite. Once you receive your invitation, click the invitation link to login and join your organization

Join an existing CircleCI organization with a GitHub OAuth app integration:

  1. Select "Search via GitHub" from the Find Your Team dropdown

  2. Authorize the GitHub OAuth app for read access to your GitHub organization membership

  3. After authorization, you will be redirected to CircleCI where we will list all matching CircleCI organizations that you are eligible to join. Select Join Organizations to successfully complete joining these organizations in CircleCI.

Join an existing CircleCI organization with a Bitbucket integration:

  1. Select "Search via Bitbucket" from the Find Your Team dropdown to be redirected to Bitbucket

  2. Enter your Bitbucket credentials to authorize CircleCI to your Bitbucket account

  3. After authorization, you will be redirected back to CircleCI and will be added to your organization

Invite teammates to join your GitHub App or GitLab organization

  1. In the CircleCI web app, go to Organization Settings  People, then click Invite.

  2. To send out email invites, enter your team members' email addresses. Multiple emails can be separated by a space. Then, assign their role in your CircleCI organization. If you need to assign different roles to different team members, add team members in the Invite form based on role.

  3. Once they join your org, you can then also assign each team member a role on an individual project level. See the Manage roles and permissions page for more details.

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