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After setting up an organization in CircleCI, invite your team to create and collaborate on projects.


GitHub App and GitLab users

You must be an Organization Admin to invite your team to CircleCI.

  1. In the CircleCI web app, go to Organization Settings  People, then click Invite.

  2. To send out email invites, enter your team members' email addresses, each separated by a space, then assign their role in your CircleCI organization. If you need to assign different roles to different team members, add team members in the Invite form based on role.

Once they join your org, you can then also assign each team member a role on an individual project level. See the Manage roles and permissions guide for more details.

GitHub OAuth and Bitbucket users

Any user who is already a member of your CircleCI organization may use this process to invite new team members to CircleCI.

  1. On the Dashboard in the CircleCI web app, use the filter dropdown to select a project.

  2. Click the Add team members link next to the project name.

  3. A modal window will pop up. Click the Invite my team button in the window to copy an invite message that you can send to your team members. The sign-up link is not unique to a single team member. This link can be shared and used for multiple users at the same time.

  4. Your team members will need to use the sign-up link in your invite message to join your organization.

Alternatively, to craft a custom invite link for your organization, follow these steps:

  1. In the CircleCI web app, go to Organization Settings  Overview and copy your Organization ID.

  2. Incorporate your Organization ID and VCS (either GitHub or Bitbucket) into the invitation link using the following format:[github-or-bitbucket]

  3. Send this sign-up link to new team members to join your organization.

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