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Ability to name organizations integrated with GitLab and GitHub Apps is now available    

Users can now name their CircleCI organization when using CircleCI’s GitHub App or GitLab integration.

"On Hold" now shows as "Needs Approval" in CircleCI UI    

The CircleCI UI now uses the language “Needs Approval” instead of “On Hold” to denote that an approval job is pending approval.

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GitHub App triggers can be created from empty state    

We have resolved a bug which prevented users from creating GitHub App triggers if they had previously deleted all of their triggers.

Configuration Sources can be used to create GitHub App Triggers in Project Settings UI     

For projects that integrate with CircleCI’s GitHub App, you can now specify a custom configuration source when creating a GitHub App trigger.

This enables you to use modular configuration files within the same project (ie. a build-and-test.yml and a deploy.yml that have different definitions).

Outdated alert removed from Organization Settings UI    

We have removed the outdated ‘temporary expanded access’ alert banner from the Audit log card on the Organization Settings > Security page.

Updated Docs page redirect within Organization Settings UI    

The previous hyperlink for ‘Learn more about managing people in CircleCI’ on the Organization Settings > People page was navigating to the incorrect Docs link. We have now updated this to navigate to the correct Manage roles and Permissions page.

Changes to editing configuration sources in Project Settings UI    

The repository dropdown is no longer editable when you attempt to edit a configuration source from the Project Settings UI.

SSH key icon in Project Settings UI uses correct icon    

When viewing SSH keys via Project Settings in the CircleCI UI, the “GitHub” icon is now shown if the URL uses “gh” instead of “github”. It previously showed a Bitbucket icon if the URL used “gh”.

Server Release 4.4.1    


  • Fix Windows machine executors on EC2
  • Allow disabling statsd collection for build agent to decrease startup time
  • Configure remote Docker engine with proxy settings if present

Environment details now available in Releases UI    

Users can now track changes in their systems across their various development environments in our Releases UI, which is in open preview. With this update, users can see which environment a release is associated with, what version of a component is in different environments, and the latest version of every component within a single environment.