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Prevent unregistered users from spending credits

3 weeks ago1 min read
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It is possible for unregistered users to trigger pipelines, and therefore, spend credits. Use the Prevent unregistered user spend option to only allow registered users the ability to trigger work that consumes credits. For a full breakdown of the various ways pipelines can be triggered, see the Triggers overview.



Follow these steps to prevent unregistered users from triggering work that consumes credits:

  1. In the CircleCI web app, click Plan in the sidebar

  2. Select the Usage Controls tab. If you do not see this option you might be on the Free Plan, or you may not be an org admin, in which case this guide does not apply to you.

  3. Click the switch for the Prevent unregistered user spend option to "On"

To disable this feature you can toggle this switch "Off" at any time.

With this option enabled, any unregistered users, that is, users who do not have a CircleCI account, and who are not associated with your org, will see the following if they attempt to trigger a pipeline:

  • The pipeline will fail to start

  • The block-unregistered-user error will be displayed in a banner on the dashboard

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