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CircleCI plan overview

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This document is an introduction to the plans CircleCI offers to developers.


The CircleCI credit-based usage plans enable you to only pay for what you use, while also providing flexibility in customizing and scaling your team’s CI/CD solution. Credits are consumed by the second, at varying rates per minute, according to what build configuration you use.

The right plan for you and your team will depend on several factors:

Let us look at how a team might use credits. In this example, your team is divided into several groups working on different projects. Some projects are larger while others are smaller and need less resources from a CI/CD configuration. With credits, it is possible to specify exactly where and when you need to maximize machine resources.

For example, your team might use a large resource_class (4 CPUs and 8 GB of memory) and make use of more credits/minute to speed up a build for a bigger project, while only using the small resource_class (1 CPU, 2 GB memory) with less credits/minute for a smaller project that may not ship code as frequently, or where build time is inconsequential.

The documents in this section cover what each plan offers developers for their CI/CD needs. Consider also taking a moment to look at the CircleCI Pricing page to learn about how credits are distributed across different machine types.

Our plans

Visit the pages below to learn about the features of CircleCI’s plans.

Configuring your credit plan

To set up a Free or Performance Plan, go to Plan > Plan Overview in the CircleCI web application. From there, select the plan that best fits your needs. To set up a Scale or Server Plan, contact us.

For details on cancelling a Performance Plan, refer to the Cancel Performance Plan FAQ.

Managing credit usage

There are certain optimizations that can be implemented that can help lower your credit consumption, such as eliminating duplicate artifact uploads. Properly managing network and storage usage can potentially lower the amount of credits used per month. If you would like to find out more about managing network and storage usage, see the Persisting data page.

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