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Styling text

  • Use bold for GUI menu options and button text. For example:

    • Select Organization Settings from the sidebar

    • Select VCS in the Project Settings window

    • Select Projects from the sidebar and click Set Up Project for the project you want to follow

  • Use italics for commonly understood technical concepts (not CircleCI features of concepts). For example:

    • Continuous Integration

    • Concurrency

    • Paralellism

Using notes, tips, cautions, and warnings

When writing in asciidoc the following admonitions are available: note, tip, important, caution, warning.

When to use each type

  • note: Use to add some supplementary information to a section or point that could benefit from some highlighting to draw the reader’s attention.

  • tip: Use to add some guidance on how to carry out a step or how to act on some advice contained within the section.

  • important: This admonition type is not used often in CircleCI docs. Consider whether one of the ofther options is a better fit before using.

  • caution: Use to make the reader aware they need to be careful when acting on some advice.

  • warning: Use to indicate that there are dangers or consequenses associated with some information or steps.

Admonition syntax

NOTE: This is a note.

The result of this is:

TIP: This is a tip.

The result of this is:

CAUTION: This is a note.

The result of this is:

WARNING: This is a note.

The result of this is:

You can also make a longer admonition block for any of the types listed above:

This is a longer admonition with an ordered list:

. Step 1
. Step 2
. Step 3

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