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Using images

3 weeks ago1 min read
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  • Guidelines for all images
  • Using screenshots

Guidelines for all images

  • Ensure all images have descriptive alternative text. For example, in asciidoc:

    .Image Title
    image::name-of-image.png[Alternative text to describe the image, including, if possible any text in the image itself]

Using screenshots

  • If you’re adding a screenshot, make it easier to see and help consistency across docs by sticking it in here: Choose Generic Light and drag and drop your screenshot into the window, then download and you will get a PNG.

  • When creating screenshots use a browser extension or similar to resize the window to 1440x900. For example, Chrome Window Resizer.

  • If taking a screenshot of the CircleCI app include the sidebar menu so the reader can see what page you are on.

  • Think about how clear the location of your screenshot is for unfamiliar users. It is best to include the full width of the screen, if possible, so the location of what you are drawing attention to is clear. An image of a button with no wider reference can be confusing.

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