Today, we are issuing a special deprecation notice for a single endpoint. On or after March 1, 2020 we will be ending the ability to trigger jobs using the v1.1 API (in the API this is done with a POST request to a specific project).

In summary, action is needed only if you use the CircleCI API v1 or v1.1 in your own scripts and programs to trigger builds (aka “jobs”) on a project - if so, we are asking you to use a new endpoint that may require code changes on your end and, in some cases, some adjusting of your .circleci/config.yml. As a replacement, we urge everyone who needs to trigger runs on CircleCI using our API to use the new trigger pipeline endpoint in API v2. To get help migrating to the new API endpoint for triggering or to give us feedback on this change visit us on our discuss page.

The remainder of the v1.1 API will likely have a deprecation announcement in the future, but we won’t make that announcement until the v2 API has effective feature parity. Once that announcement goes live, you will have at least six months to migrate over to API v2.

To learn about our v2 API, read the announcement post.