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CircleCI config SDK

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The CircleCI Config SDK is a JavaScript package library (also compatible with TypeScript) for generating a CircleCI YAML configuration file. Use the SDK to:

  • Replace writing YAML configuration files

  • Generate a static YAML configuration file

  • Modularize and manage your configuration as JavaScript packages

  • Enhance CircleCI’s dynamic configuration

  • Build integrations with CLI tools or browser-based experiences

For example, generating a static configuration file can be useful for CLI tools where you want to create a CircleCI configuration, or browser-based tooling, such as a visual config editor.

Components created with the CircleCI Config SDK can be packaged and distributed as Node packages.

Install the SDK

Install the CircleCI Config SDK with npm or Yarn, and include it in your project via Node.js or the browser.

npm installation:

$ npm i @circleci/circleci-config-sdk

Yarn installation:

yarn add @circleci/circleci-config-sdk

Use in Node.js

import CircleCI from '@circleci/circleci-config-sdk';

Use in the browser:

const CircleCI = require('@circleci/circleci-config-sdk');

Visit the SDK page to view a full example of generating a CircleCI configuration.


The CircleCI Config SDK is open source, and contributions are welcome. Visit the contributing guide to view the guidelines and release process.

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