It’s been more than a month since we announced that CircleCI 2.0 was available in closed beta. We’re building 2.0 to be more customizable, more powerful, and faster – all things we believe will make CircleCI an even better tool for teams building the best web and mobile apps in the world.

More than 1,000 customers have requested access to 2.0, and teams are already building and deploying on our new platform. We’ve seen a big increase in builds on the platform over the past few weeks, and expect this to grow as we continue to onboard new customers.

12 16 Builds Over Time.png

The biggest request we’ve had from customers has been native Docker support. In 2.0, customers can pull any custom image from Docker. We are seeing increased build volumes and increased usage of our native Docker support.

In addition, we’ve also recently added sample projects for PHP, Python, JavaScript, Go and Ruby.

If you’re interested in native Docker support, faster build performance, and local build support, request access to the CircleCI 2.0 closed beta here.