This post was co-written by Steve Almy and Radhika Gulati.

CircleCI cloud offers over 20 resource classes (varying CPU and RAM) across multiple execution environments. Finding the best resource class size for your job — not too big and not too small — can sometimes be a challenge.

To help with this, you can view CPU and RAM usage for Docker, Linux, Windows, macOS, Arm, and GPU executors within the UI.

The dashboard, found in the Resources tab on the job details page, displays the CPU and RAM, for all parallel runs in your job.

Dashboard showing CPU and RAM for parallel runs of a Docker job

Understanding the resources utilized in your jobs will help your team to optimize your CircleCI experience with:

  • Larger resource classes to minimize time spent waiting to validate change
  • Opportunities to move light workloads to smaller resource classes and reallocate credits to more intensive workloads
  • Optimized credit consumption on the CircleCI platform

Having a deeper understanding about how you’re using resources is incredibly important when using a CI/CD platform. Our engineering team will be working to improve and extend the resource utilization dashboard to support additional resource class types.

We continue to rely on your feedback. Please share your ideas via Canny to let us know how the resources dashboard helps your team and the new functions you’d like to see.