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Viewing Pipelines

This document provides a summary of the Pipelines page in the CircleCI app and documents some of the changes to the CircleCI user interface.


You may have noticed some changes to CircleCI’s web interface lately. We have some exciting changes that are rolling out regarding how your builds are being grouped and the user interface that presents that information.

Let’s begin by stating what a Pipeline is.

Pipelines represent the entire configuration that is run when you trigger work on your projects that use CircleCI. The entirety of a .circleci/config.yml file is executed by a pipeline.

Where you once saw the term Jobs in the sidebar, you will now see Pipelines.

Note: If you would like to continue to use the old UI while it is still available, you can temporarily opt out while the new UI is continually improved.

Jobs, Tests, Artifacts

A pipeline is composed of workflows, which are composed of jobs. By navigating from a pipeline to a specific job, you can access your job output, test results and artifacts through several tabs.

Further, the output of each job can be openened in a new tab (in either raw or formatted styling) with a unique link, making it share-able between team members.