Projects and Builds

This document describes how CircleCI automates builds of your project.


After a software repository on GitHub or Bitbucket is authorized and added as a project to, every code change triggers a build and automated tests in a clean container or VM configured for your requirements.

Adding Projects

If you do not see your project and it is not currently building on CircleCI, check your Organization in the top left corner of the CircleCI application. For example, if the top left shows your user myUser, only Github projects belonging to myUser will be available under Add Projects. If you want to build the Github project myOrg/orgProject, you must select myOrg on the application Switch Organization menu.

Switch Organization Menu

Viewing Builds

Your build appear on the Jobs page of the CircleCI app when a new commit is pushed to your repository. If you do not see your jobs building on the Jobs page when you push config changes, check the Workflows tab of the CircleCI app to find out how to update your config to enable builds.