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Upgrade server

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Server v4.2
Server Admin
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This page describes the steps needed to upgrade your CircleCI server v4.2 installation.

A successful deployment will update the web app. Unless noted in the release notes, updates are rolling updates and there is no downtime.


User-managed secrets migration 4.1.x-4.2.0

From server v4.2, CircleCI server auto-generates the following secrets if not present in the Kubernetes namespace:

Before upgrading to Server 4.2: If you manage the secrets listed above yourself, run the following command for each secret to let CircleCI server know that they already exist.

kubectl -n <namespace> annotate secret/<secret-name> \<helm-release-name> \<namespace> \ --overwrite

kubectl -n <namespace> label secret/<secret-name> \ --overwrite

Upgrade steps

  1. Check the changelog and make sure there are no actions you need to take before deploying a new version.

  2. Optionally, confirm what the update is going to do using Helm Diff:

    helm diff upgrade circleci-server oci:// -n $namespace --version <version> -f <path-to-values.yaml> --username $USERNAME --password $PASSWORD
  3. Perform the upgrade:

    helm upgrade circleci-server oci:// -n $namespace --version <version> -f <path-to-values.yaml> --username $USERNAME --password $PASSWORD
  4. Deploy and run reality check in your test environment to ensure your installation is fully operational.

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