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CircleCI server v4.2 release notes

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Server v4.2
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The v4.2 release introduces the config policies feature to CircleCI server. Use config policies to create organization-level policies to impose rules and scopes to govern which configuration elements are required, allowed, not allowed etc. For more information see the Config policies overview. To use config policies CLI commands with server, append all commands shown in the docs with --policy-base-url https://<CIRCLECI-SERVER-DOMAIN>.com


For existing customers interested in migrating from v3.x to v4.x, contact your customer success manager.

Find information about migration in the following guides:


For upgrade steps see the Upgrade server v4.2 guide.

Release 4.2.1


For full details of this release see the changelog.

Release 4.2.0


For full details of this release see the changelog.

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