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Phase 1 - Prerequisites

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The guides in this section walk you through the steps required to install CircleCI server in an air-gapped environment.

Required components for air-gapped installation

The following table shows an overview of the prerequisites required to run an air-gapped CircleCI server installation. These items must be present in your air-gapped environment in order to move forward with the installation.

ComponentUsed for

Container registry

Hosting CircleCI server images for Kubernetes

A Kubernetes cluster

Running CircleCI server

An object storage system (MinIO)

Object and artifact storage

GitHub Enterprise

Source of code for CircleCI server to build

Nomad Virtual Machines

Machines for running Nomad

1. Copy images

CircleCI server is deployed into a Kubernetes cluster using a Helm chart. You will need to copy the latest images and charts from CircleCI into your virtual environment. All images referenced in the CircleCI Helm chart must be accessible within your air-gapped environment.

a. Log in to CircleCI server container registry

Access to the images you need for your installation requires you to use a username and token, which will be provided by CircleCI. Access the CircleCI support portal for more information.

docker login --username <your-circleci-provided-username> --password <your-circleci-provided-token>

b. Download all images required for this release

Download all images required for the release of CircleCI server to your local machine. This list contains all required images for the Helm installation, the CircleCI Agent, and the Reality Check testing tool.

echo $SERVER_4_4_IMAGE_LIST | while read -r image; do docker pull $image; done

c. Copy all images to your air-gapped environment

Copy all downloaded images to the container registry in your air-gapped environment.

2. Copy charts

Copy the CircleCI server Helm chart to your air-gapped environment.

a. Download the latest CircleCI server Helm chart

Download the latest CircleCI server Helm chart to the current directory.

helm registry login
helm pull oci:// -d ./

b. Copy the Helm chart to your air-gapped environment

Copy the downloaded .tgz Helm chart to your air-gapped environment.

Next steps

Once the steps on this page are complete, go to the Phase 2 - Configure object storage guide.

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