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Server v4.4
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This page describes the steps needed to upgrade your CircleCI server installation to v4.4.

Upgrade paths

We recommend that you do not skip releases when upgrading, however some patch releases can be skipped. Your upgrade path will depend on your current version, and the currently available version releases.

When upgrading from one minor version to the next, ensure your upgrade path includes the last patch release for your current minor version.


We have moved away from Vault to Tink for encryption. The process for migration is documented here, and includes a convenience script to move existing secrets. If you are using Vault, you should complete the migration to Tink on your v4.3.x installation before backing up your server installation in preparation for upgrading to v4.4. Customers that do not perform this step may have issues restoring Vault from backup in v4.4.


  • Ensure you have access to the Kubernetes cluster in which server is installed.

  • Ensure you have set up Backup and Restore.

  • Ensure there is a recent backup. For more information, see the Backup and Restore guide.

Upgrade steps

  1. Ensure your cluster is running a compatible Kubernetes version for this release (1.26 - 1.27).

  2. Check the changelog and make sure there are no actions you need to take before deploying a new version.

  3. Optionally, confirm what the update is going to do using Helm Diff:

    helm diff upgrade circleci-server oci:// -n $namespace --version 4.4.2 -f <path-to-values.yaml> --username $USERNAME --password $PASSWORD
  4. Perform the upgrade:

    helm upgrade circleci-server oci:// -n $namespace --version 4.4.2 -f <path-to-values.yaml> --username $USERNAME --password $PASSWORD
  5. Deploy and run reality check in your test environment to ensure your installation is fully operational.

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