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Phase 4 - post installation

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Server v4.4
Server Admin
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Before you begin with the CircleCI server v4.4 post installation phase, ensure you have run through Phase 1 – Prerequisites, Phase 2 - Core Services Installation and Phase 3 - Execution Environments Installation.

Backup and restore

Email notifications

Add email notification support by adding the following to values.yaml:

  host: <hostname-of-submission-server>
  user: <username-for-submission-server>
  password: <password-for-submission-server
  port: <mail-port>

Managing orbs

CircleCI server installations include their own local orb registry. This registry is private to the server installation. All orbs referenced in project configs reference the orbs in the server orb registry. You are responsible for maintaining orbs. This includes:

  • Copying orbs from the public registry.

  • Updating orbs that may have been copied previously.

  • Registering your company’s private orbs, if you have any.

For more information and steps to complete these tasks, see the Orbs on server guide.

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