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We are thrilled to announce one of our most requested integrations at CircleCI: beta integration for Atlassian Bitbucket. Our team has worked tirelessly to launch this beta; we’re excited that members of the Atlassian community can now implement CircleCI with their teams. As a Bitbucket user, you can sign up for CircleCI using your Bitbucket credentials. You will gain access to all the features that leading teams from companies like Facebook, GoPro, and Spotify rely on, including access to CircleCI’s community forum, support and engineering teams.

As a Bitbucket user, you will access to the most popular CircleCI’s features: SSH into your builds to debug Parallelism API endpoints Build performance, build status and build timing graphs

Additionally, you can also build mobile on CircleCI. CircleCI currently supports both OS X and Android builds. Learn more in our mobile documentation.

Getting Started

There are few different ways you can sign up for Bitbucket beta:

If you want to use your Bitbucket credentials, you can navigate to the beta signup page and login using Bitbucket.

Bitbucket announce 3.png

You can also sign up using Github and later add Bitbucket to your account. For that, sign in using your Github account and navigate to ‘Add projects’ page. Once on ‘Add projects’ page you have the option to add your Bitbucket account.

Bitbucket announce 2.png

In the reverse, if you want to add your Github account to your Bitbucket account, you can do that by signing up for Bitbucket beta and then navigating to ‘Add projects’ page to add your Github account.

Bitbucket announce 1.png

Dive Into Your First Project!

Once you are signed up, you’re ready to start using CircleCI with your projects. We’re eager to hear how you’re using our Bitbucket integration, and what features or functionality you would like to see added to our beta. To make things easier, track what features we’re releasing on our changelog. To request features on CircleCI you can post on our community site. Since Bitbucket is still in beta, please direct all feedback to