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We are excited to announce that Xcode 9 is now available for use on the CircleCI macOS platform.

The latest Xcode release, announced just yesterday, adds multiple improvements to the build system, which in turn brings great benefits to all customers using Xcode 9 in their CircleCI projects. The changes include improved simulator stability, significant reduction in the amount of Exit Code 65 failures, and shorter app build times.

To start using Xcode 9 in your macOS builds on CircleCI you can add the following to your circle.yml:

    version: "9.0"

Over the past few months our mobile team has made extensive updates to our infrastructure, allowing us to ship image updates much faster. We’ll share more about some of the decisions and changes we made that allow us to ship updates quickly in a future post.

If you see something unexpected happening when using Xcode 9.0 on CircleCI, please stop by our Discuss site where our engineers will be happy to help you out.