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Just a quick post to note our good friends over at Segment have updated their docs so that CircleCI’s analytics-clj library is now their official Clojure library.

From Segment:

The clojure library lets you record analytics data from your clojure code. The requests hit our servers, and then we route your data to any analytics service you enable on your integrations page.

The library is open-source and was contributed by the very awesome CircleCI, thanks! You can check it out on Github. The clojure library is a wrapper around our Java library.

CircleCI’s analytics-clj library wraps the Java 2.0 library. This allows users to take advantage of the benefits Java 2.0 (e.g. sending integration-specific data) has over Java 1.0, which is wrapped by the official Clojure library.

As a reminder, CircleCI offers 4 total free Linux containers a month to open source projects. We define OS projects as any public GitHub repo.


analytics-clj library repo:

Full documentation at Segment: