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At CircleCI, iteration is one of our company’s core tenets. Most recently, we turned our attention inward and are proud to unveil our new UI, now available in public beta. Starting today all our users have the ability to opt-in to the new design with the click of a button.

As we grow, we are faced with the challenge to increase functionality while keeping our design simple and undisruptive. We have been working with our users, who are part of The Inner Circle (our private beta user group) adding features and making changes based directly on their feedback.

What’s New: The Highlights

We know you rely heavily on the build list and build detail page, and our efforts and improvements have given these pages higher priority during our design process. Here are the key highlights of our new design:

Move the slider bar over the image to compare and contrast the old and new UI for the build list page.

Build List

New build list shows users repo/branch names, GitHub avatars, pull requests, SHA, started at time, build duration and logs. Users can now click on PR or SHA to see the changes directly on GitHub. Added functionality to the build list page is the ability to cancel a build at any time for any queued or running item, even if it’s not displaying the full queue.

Move the slider bar over the image to compare and contrast the old and new UI for the build details page.

Build Details

Our build details pages are improved, featuring more prominent context and actions around test failures so you can easily see what’s broken and spend your valuable time on what’s important–getting a green build.

Branch Picker

New redesigned branch picker accommodates for long repo and branch names. Users can choose between ‘Mine & All’ or ‘Recent’ or ‘By Repo’ filters to view the repos or branches that they are interested in.

Build Output

New build output page is full width which makes it easy to read. Commit ID’s are located on the top to help users see what changes are in the current build.

Context Bar

For easier navigation a new sticky context bar has been added. Users can view which page they currently are on and click on the context bar to navigate around the site.

Iterate, Repeat

This is the first rollout of our new UI. The goal of this redesign is to provide a better, informative, and consistent experience, as well as offering something that is more visually pleasing. We’ll continue to work on our design going forward to improve the overall CircleCI experience. We hope you enjoy the new flow and look forward to hearing your thoughts and making new changes based on your feedback.

Our new design offers a better, more informative and consistent user experience. Try our new look, then drop us a line at sayhi@circleci.coml to let us know what you think!

PS: Interested in joining The Inner Circle and being the first to know about new features? You can opt in to our new beta program and get exclusive access to features and settings before they’re released to the general public.