As of October 24th, 2018, the current release is Node v11.x and the Long Term Support (LTS) release is Node v8.x. However, sometime this month Node v10.x will be moved over to be the new LTS release. This can affect your use of our Node variant Docker images.


You can get a quick overview of what will be different by reading through the release notes for both Node v9.x and Node v10.x. In terms of compatibility, you will want to pay attention to whether or not any features/APIs that you use get deprecated. That will affect your transition to the new version.


Node.js actively maintains two versions of Node at any one time. The “Current” release, which is the latest stable version out there, and the “LTS” release, which gets maintained for two and a half years.

A large number of CircleCI users are using our Docker Convenience Images. A large percentage of those users use a variant image such as circleci/golang:1.11-node. Our Node variant images are our base images, which come from the upstream Docker Library images, with the current Node LTS installed. The image circleci/golang:1.11-node is our normal circleci/golang-1.11 image with Node.js pre-installed.

If you are using these images, please be prepared for Node to jump from v8.x to v10.x sometime during this month. You can find out more information on how Node.js manages their current/LTS releases here.