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We recently rolled out a number of new features for all CircleCI users. One of the most requested features focused on the permissions setting. This blog will take a deep dive into the new feature, how it works, and what it means for you and your team using CircleCI.

What are permissions?

Permissions are a new feature on CircleCI that will give you greater control over the settings on your projects. Using permissions, organizations can restrict who can change ‘Project Settings’ on CircleCI. This setting is available at an organization level or at a project level within the organization. To do this, CircleCI leverages GitHub’s permissions to determine users access.

Why should a user or org enable permissions??

After permissions are enabled for your organization, only GitHub repo admins or GitHub owners will be able to make changes to ‘Project Settings’ on CircleCI. This is especially useful for larger teams to make sure your project settings are only changed by team members who have admin access. This is especially useful for larger teams to make sure your project settings are not accidentally updated by non-GitHub admins/owners on the team.

How will this affect my team?

After permissions are enabled for your org, GitHub members and contributors will not be able to make any changes to CircleCI’s ‘Project Settings’ page. This includes setting containers for your organization, project level parallelization setting, build setting etc. GitHub members or collaborators will still be able to use CircleCI’s functionality like Re-build, Re-build with cache or Re-build via SSH.

What if I change my mind? Can I turn this feature off?

If you find that permissions aren’t for you, you can always create a support request (in the app, click the “Help?” button and select “Support”) and we’ll disable permissions for your organization.

Getting Started: How to setup user permission on GitHub?

To setup your team’s access on GitHub, navigate to the following link for your org:

You can setup repo level user access using the following link:

Read more about setting up team permissions on GitHub.

How do I enable permissions on CircleCI?

If you would like to enable this feature for your organization, or specific projects within your organization, please create a support request (in the app, click the “?” button which when you rollover says “Help?” and select “Support.”)

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