Strong communities are built on trust and teamwork. Our community forum, our Developer Hub, and even our Twitter feed and Twitch channel are all gaining momentum–that’s the teamwork. Building trust is an ongoing journey, and as your Technical Community Manager, that’s where I come in.

I want to make your projects, ideas, and feedback the center of our community. That means making changes so that there’s room for everyone. One important change has already been implemented on our community forum, Discuss: a Code of Conduct. The primary role of the code of conduct is to set expectations for how we interact with each other in that space, and to keep everyone safe.

We’re also redesigning Discuss, so I wanted to take a moment to talk about what we’re hoping to accomplish with a fresh design.

Redesigning our community forum

I want community members to feel welcome, engaged, and supported. I’m the first to admit that Discuss hasn’t always supported our community enough. We simply didn’t have the resources. But I’m here now, and it’s my job to make sure our users are at the center of our community. Redesigning Discuss is the perfect opportunity to build an experience focused on providing resources, answers, and connections to our users.

Using Discourse

Our community forum is built on Discourse, which is a popular community building platform. It’s open source, it’s got tons of features, and it’s highly customizable, which is what makes it so popular. We’re making changes focused on surfacing the most important information to users as quickly as possible. For example, there’s now a dedicated section for Suggested Reading so that valuable resources are always in the same place. You’ll also find a section specifically for Unanswered Questions so we can use our combined knowledge to help everyone.

Goals for redesigning community

I hope this redesign makes it easier to find resources, ask questions, and engage with the community. Whether you’re a CI enthusiast, a DevOps practitioner, or a perpetual learner like me, we can help each other in ways we haven’t even discovered yet when we share spaces and conversations.

Change is uncomfortable, but it’s easier with friends. That’s why I’m inviting you to join our community spaces, ask questions, and help others learn.

Reach out to me anytime on Discuss, or email me at I’ll see you on the internet!