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Testing is bullshit. I never signed up for this. I learned to code so I could make things, to make the world a better place. Instead I spend half my time writing tests.

I test because I have to, but it hurts. I know my site will fall apart if I don’t have tests, but that hurts more. Why hasn’t coding progressed to the point where we can quickly push code out to customers without double checking everything?


Testing doesn’t really help our customers. At best it helps indirectly, in the same way that HR or payroll or marketing does. If we do 10 times as much testing, customers won’t see 10 times the value. The only thing that makes life better for customers is better product, or more of it. Testing is at best a necessary evil.

I suspect that when we retrospect on this technology boom, we’ll say its most valuable product was Zuckerberg’s mantra: “Move fast and break things”. There’s a man who has explicitly decided that moving fast is more important than being 100% reliable. Despite this, I’ll wager that Facebookers spend 50% of their times on tests, time which could - in an ideal world - be spent on product.

On the road to a solution

This is why we made Circle - not because testing is glorious, but because testing is bullshit. Testing needs to step up to the next level, or we’re going to spend the rest of our lives testing instead of coding. So we built Circle.

Circle is hosted Continuous Integration that’s incredibly fast, with a one click setup. But that’s just a start. Testing is bullshit, but necessary bullshit, and it’s not going away. Circle is going to ease that pain.