At CircleCI, we help companies accelerate their innovation. And while more than half of all the 2019 StackOverflow Developer Survey participants are building for Windows, we haven’t been serving the Windows community at all.

For the last few years, we have been getting an increasing amount of interest in building Windows projects. From .NET Core 1.0 and the release of Visual Studio Code in 2016, to the upcoming release of WSL2 and the unification .NET Core and .NET Framework in 2020, some of the most exciting developer tooling innovation is happening in the Microsoft ecosystem. Today we are excited to share that Windows support is now generally available on CircleCI.

Support for Windows jobs

Our core functionality is now available for the Windows environment. Features like caches, workspaces, approval jobs, and contexts, with the same great support and a beautiful UI, are now all available for Windows jobs. The Windows jobs are VM-based and provide complete build isolation. Each new job uses a clean environment that gets created just in time and gets destroyed once the job finishes running. This ensures build reproducibility and the security of your code, data, and secrets in your CI environment. The Windows environment on CircleCI also includes support for Docker Engine - Enterprise for Docker-based Windows workflows.

Now you can use Windows, Linux, and macOS jobs all in a single workflow. With this release, CircleCI is your standard CI solution for building cross-platform applications. Windows jobs are already available to all Performance plan customers today. Learn more about our Performance plan here.

What you can do

Want to know exactly what the execution environment looks like? Head to the CircleCI for Windows documentation page.

Are you an existing customer and you need help switching to Performance pricing? Contact our Sales team here.

Are you a new customer, and you’d like to give Windows on CircleCI a try? Head over here to see a demo project.

We are looking forward to improving our support for Windows based on your feedback. If you have thoughts, please share them with us in the following places:

  • To report a bug in our Windows support, please head over to our Discuss site here.
  • To suggest a new feature for Windows support, please file a new idea in our Ideas portal.
  • We’d like to know your general thoughts about Windows support on CircleCI as well. Please fill out this form with any feedback you’d like to share. One of our product managers will get back to you shortly.

As we improve our Windows solution, we are also looking forward to further innovation in the Microsoft ecosystem. Our roadmap for Windows includes using Linux containers on Windows and containers with pre-installed dependencies for mobile development. If there’s an urgency from your team to get additional capabilities, please let us know here.