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Over the last few days we have updated the OS X build image with the latest Xcode 7.3.1. Additionally, we included more recent versions of Carthage and fastlane with the container by default. This should help you stay up-to-date with the newest developer tools.

xcode image.png

You might have also noticed that by default the OS X projects are now built with xcodebuild instead of xctool. With the development of xctool slowing down and with the upcoming removal of build support from it, as explained in the xctool readme file:

Note: Support for building projects with xctool is deprecated and will not be updated to support future versions of Xcode. We suggest moving to xcodebuild (with xcpretty) for simple needs, or xcbuild for more involved requirements. xctool will continue to support testing (see above).

we decided to use Apple-provided xcodebuild to perform all the necessary build actions.

The change generally does not impact the build process or the build’s performance. xcodebuild executes the exact same actions on your code as xctool does.

Our choice is motivated by the inconsistency of the build behaviour a large number of customers are getting when using xctool — some of the specifics of our platform might be preventing our users from taking advantage of everything that xctool offers.

If you would still like to use xctool in your project, you are more than welcome to specify that in your circle.yml.

While we’re not using xctool as the default build command anymore, we’re excited to see the Facebook team focus their efforts on the faster, flexible and cross-platform xcbuild — and we are looking forward to seeing xcbuild get to feature parity with xcodebuild. We are very grateful to the team who have developed and supported xctool over time, it has been a tool that saved quite a few developers a lot of time, and we are sure that the new xcbuild will continue bringing better Xcode experience to the world.

If you have any insights that would be beneficial to the CircleCI user community, or want to share your experience with ‘xcodebuild’ versus ‘xctool’ in your tests please chime in on Discuss CircleCI.