Join Beta and Sign Up

To start running builds on CircleCI 2.0 Beta, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Join The Beta on the Beta Access page.

  2. Fill in all of the fields in the Get Started form:
    • First and Last Name
    • Email address
    • GitHub or Bitbucket radio button
    • GitHub or Bitbucket org name
  3. Click Submit to have CircleCI add your information to the Beta. If you are already using CircleCI 1.0, go to the Build a Project doc to learn about adding the .circleci/config.yml file that enables 2.0 builds. If you are new to CircleCI, continue with Sign Up.

  4. Click the Sign Up button.

  5. Click one of the Start buttons on the page to begin the process of allowing CircleCI to access your code on GitHub or Bitbucket.

  6. Type your GitHub or Bitbucket username, password, and two-factor authorization if applicable, then click Sign In/Login.

  7. Click the Authorize Application or equivalent button.

The CircleCI Builds Dashboard appears. You are ready to configure CircleCI for your project. See the Hello World doc to configure your first simple 2.0 build.