Tutorials & 2.0 Sample Apps

Use the sample configurations and tutorials to learn how to use a .circleci/config.yml file.

Platform Guide Description
Linux Project Tutorial Complete walkthrough of setting up a Python project with Flask to build with CircleCI 2.0.
iOS Project Tutorial Full example of setting up an iOS project in CircleCI 2.0.
Android Project Tutorial Full example of setting up an Android project in CircleCI 2.0.
Language Guide Framework GitHub Repo Name
Android Gradle android-image
Android React Native circleci-demo-react-native
Clojure Luminus circleci-demo-clojure-luminus
Elixir Phoenix circleci-demo-elixir-phoenix
Go Go circleci-demo-go
iOS Xcode circleci-demo-ios
iOS React Native circleci-demo-react-native
Java Spring circleci-demo-java-spring
JavaScript React circleci-demo-javascript-express
JavaScript React Native circleci-demo-react-native
PHP Laravel circleci-demo-php-laravel
Python Django circleci-demo-python-django
Python Flask circleci-demo-python-flask
React Native React Native circleci-demo-react-native
Ruby and Rails Rails circleci-demo-ruby-rails

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