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Rename organizations and repositories

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This page details everything you need to know about renaming organizations and repositories connected to CircleCI. Renaming works differently depending on how your account is connected:

  • GitHub App

  • GitLab

  • GitHub OAuth app

  • Bitbucket

GitHub App or GitLab

For accounts authorized through the GitHub App or GitLab, no changes are required when organizations or repositories are renamed in the connected VCS (version control system). CircleCI organizations and projects are standalone entities, not directly tied to code repo or org names.

You can rename your organization from the CircleCI web app:

  1. Click Organization Settings in the sidebar

  2. Click Rename Organization next to your org name

  3. Enter a new name for your org and click Save

GitHub OAuth app or Bitbucket

If you need to rename a GitHub (OAuth app) or Bitbucket organization or repository that you have previously connected to CircleCI, best practice is to follow the steps listed below. If you do not follow this process, it is possible you may lose access to your organization or repository settings, including environment variables and contexts.

Steps to rename organizations and repositories

  1. Rename organization or repository in your VCS

  2. Go to the CircleCI web app using the new org/repo name, for example:<VCS>/<new-org-name>/<project-name>

  3. Confirm that your plan, projects, and settings have been transferred successfully

  4. If desired, you are now free to create a new org/repo with the previously-used name in your VCS

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