TL;DR: You can now find all the best CI/CD config optimizations, migration guides, and CircleCI docs, along with assets like CI configuration packages through CircleCI orbs and Docker convenience images, in one convenient place on our new developer hub.

Over the last 9 years, we’ve watched CI/CD go from a niche practice to a well understood key leverage point for teams. “We’ve seen an uptick in adoption as companies are adjusting to rapidly changing market conditions,” said Jim Rose, CircleCI CEO. “We’re finding more education, support, and assistance is needed for these teams to optimize their DevOps practices with speed, safety, and at scale. Our developer hub aims to bridge this gap and guide everyone along their adoption process while providing best-in-breed CI/CD practices.”

The developer hub provides access to everything devs need to get up and running on CircleCI, including config optimizations, migration guides, and docs, along with assets like CI configuration packages through CircleCI orbs and Docker images.

Explore the resources, learn something new, and share the developer hub with your team. Some of the most powerful resources for developers include:

Docker images, optimized for CI

Docker images contain layers of tools, filesets, and other instructions that code needs to run well when deployed and installed on various machines. CircleCI maintains a fleet of Docker images for various programming languages and databases, specifically designed for performance in a CI environment, and searchable through the developer hub.

An array of CircleCI interfaces and integrations

With multiple interface experiences at their disposal, developers can choose how to build, test, and deploy their applications, as well as manage a variety of other tasks including syntax analysis, integration management, and config validation. In addition to our re-designed UI experience, we offer our user community two additional ways to stay in flow with our command-line interface (CLI) and newly architected API.

Additionally, developers can integrate their existing toolchain into their CI/CD build process using CircleCI orbs, reusable YAML packages which help automate repeated processes.

The full collection of CircleCI resources, for everything from automating infrastructure deployment to securing your pipelines, is now easily accessible within the developer hub.

A look ahead

The next phases of the developer hub will include streamlined search functionality across CircleCI documentation, improved orb browsing, even more optimization tools, and increased focus on educational content and community resources.

As more and more software teams begin to explore, adopt, and optimize CI and CD for their software development, we will stay committed to providing the best-in-breed resources they need to build what’s next.