If you’ve ever heard CircleCI CTO Rob Zuber speak, you know that he has a couple of favorite rules: never build anything that you could buy off the shelf, and don’t invest energy into something that’s outside of your core business competency.

Turns out that Zachary Crockett, co-founder and CTO of the IoT company Particle, has broken both of Rob’s rules, and has built and scaled a successful company along the way.

That’s why we invited Zachary to be a guest on CircleCI’s video series, Drawn Out Conversations. In this series, Rob invites engineering leaders from across the tech world to CircleCI HQ, busts open a fresh pack of Sharpies, and lets them go wild, drawing diagrams, architecture models, and explaining how they’ve handled their toughest technical challenges.

In this episode, learn how Particle developed their own mobile network and operating system to deal with the unique challenges of distributed loT devices. Will Rob revise his dearly-held rules? Watch now and find out:

Watch the full video here