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Getting Started


the basics
of CI/CD and . Take a step-by-step approach to setting up your first project on CircleCI.

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Step-by-Step Tutorial

CircleCI Configuration

Our configuration-as-code philosophy means the entire delivery process, from build to deploy, is orchestrated through a single file called config.yml. Learn CircleCI’s pipeline hierarchy and how to successfully set-up your YAML file.

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CircleCI Orbs

Orbs are reusable packages of configuration that simplify your development process. Choose from thousands of orbs available on our public registry, or take advantage of our

and create private orbs used exclusively by your organization.

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Convenience Images for Docker

CircleCI maintains a fleet of Docker images for a CI/CD environment that are compatible with multiple programming languages and a few databases. Use images as a quick and convenient starting point for your containerized environment.

Explore ImagesDocker Basics Tutorial
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Integrations and Interfaces

Integrate your existing toolchain to stay productive and in-flow using orbs, our API and CLI, and CircleCI webhooks.

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CircleCI webhooks enable developers to create customizable integrations with workflow-level and job-level events.

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Create tools to automate actions within applications or systems.

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Command Line Interface

Install the CLI to leverage our advanced tools through your own terminal.

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Setting up your CI/CD pipelines and maintaining an efficient practice shouldn’t be done in silos. Take advantage of resources and best practices from in-house experts and our community.


Whether you’re new to CI/CD or an experienced developer, use the tutorials, samples, and how-to guides in our documentation to learn CircleCI.

Learning Resources

Access the CircleCI Academy for free, developer-led training or view technical tutorials and perspectives on our blog. Learn from our team of experts and customize your onboarding experience.

Community & Support

Get the support you need from CircleCI and our growing community of more than 600K developers.

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