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Projects Overview

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A CircleCI project shares the name of the associated code repository in your version control system (VCS). Select Projects in the CircleCI web app sidebar to enter the projects dashboard. From here you can set up and follow the projects you have access to.

On the Projects Dashboard, you can either:

  • Set Up any project that you are the owner of in your VCS.
  • Follow any project in your organization to gain access to its pipelines and to subscribe to email notifications for the project’s status.

For step-by-step guidance, see Creating a Project in CircleCI.

Projects dashboard

Project Dashboard

Following a project enables a user to subscribe to email notifications for the project build status and adds the project to their CircleCI dashboard.

The Project Administrator is the user who adds a GitHub or Bitbucket repository to CircleCI as a project. A User is an individual user within an org. A CircleCI user is anyone who can log in to the CircleCI platform with a username and password. Users must be added to a GitHub or Bitbucket org to view or follow associated CircleCI projects. Users may not view project data that is stored in environment variables.

Organization switching

If you do not see your project, and it is not currently building on CircleCI, check your Organization in the top left corner of the CircleCI web app. For example, if the top left shows your user my-user, only GitHub projects belonging to my-user will be available under Projects. If you want to build the GitHub project your-org/project, you must switch organizations by selecting your-org in the application menu.

Switch Organization Menu

View and navigate pipelines

Your pipeline appears on the Dashboard of the CircleCI web app when a new commit is pushed to your repository. You can view workflows or single jobs by expanding the pipeline and clicking in on any workflow or job descriptors.

When viewing a single job in a pipeline, you can use the breadcrumbs at the top of the page to navigate back to a job’s respective workflow or pipeline.

Pipelines Breadcrumbs

Rename organizations and repositories

If you would like to rename your organization or repository, please follow the Rename organizations and repositories guide to make sure you do not lose access to environment variables or contexts in the process.

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