Your build page has a ton of information. Beyond build pass or fail, it also shows whether your test suite is flaky, what stages are taking a long time, and whether something is ready for the next phase of development, or even deployment.

And while you could see a lot about your work on that page, you couldn’t communicate with anyone on your team or assign tasks directly.

Now, with our JIRA integration, you can file JIRA tickets directly from your CircleCI build page. See it in action:

Jira Integration demo

Why would you want to file a JIRA ticket from a build? Some examples:

  • Your test suite is buggy and you need someone on a QA team to help you fix it
  • Your team has been waiting on your build to pass so they can work on a new feature
  • You have really slow tests which you want to fix later
  • You want to report that the deploy stage is taking a long time

Our JIRA integration has been getting some great reviews from customers in the Atlassian Marketplace:

CircleCI JIRA Integration Reviews in  Atlassian Marketplace

To add this integration, visit the Atlassian Marketplace or add the integration from your build settings page here:

CircleCI JIRA Integration Settings Page

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