Today marks the one year anniversary of our release of CircleCI orbs. A year ago, all we had was a freshly minted orb registry and a dream of reusable config. Today, we have much, much more: a fast and easy way of onboarding developers onto CircleCI, a system with which CI operators can configure pipelines efficiently across many projects and use-cases, and a thriving open source community of orb developers. Our Orb Registry contains orbs with applications ranging from tool integration (read how we built our Slack orb) to security to AWS deployment, with new integrations and functionality created every day.

We had some early indications that the community would find orbs useful, but could not have expected the wide and overwhelming adoption we’ve seen over the last year. There are now over 1,200 orbs in the registry, and the most popular of those, the CircleCI orbs for Slack, AWS CLI, and AWS ECR have each been used millions of times by developers. As of today, nearly 10,000,000 pipelines have run with an orb.

Over the past year, we’ve also seen the development of cutting-edge orb functionality that wasn’t even on the horizon a year ago. For example, with the release of the AWS serverless orb, developers can now deploy and test serverless applications in the AWS Cloud with minimal manual configuration. Thanks to this orb, developers have never had an easier way to run serverless CI.

The CircleCI developer community has also grown right alongside the development of orbs. In addition to certified orbs written by the CircleCI team, and Partner orbs, which enable easy pipelines for the integrations provided by our Technology Partners, we also offer the option for community members to write their own orbs and submit them to the Orb Registry for public use. At the same time as our set of Partner orbs has grown to include AWS, GCP, and Kubernetes orbs, we’ve also seen an explosion of community-generated orbs by and for developers all over the world. With community orbs, developers can set up custom automated systems and save days of development time, both for themselves and any other developers who invoke their orb. Some of the most notable community orbs include the Queue orb, which blocks the current job until no previous occurrences of the same job are running, and the Telegram orb, which adds custom Telegram notifications into CircleCI projects.

We want to thank all of our Technology Partners, orb authors, and developer community members who’ve contributed to orbs, used orbs, and helped us improve them since we first opened our orb registry a year ago today. If you haven’t had a chance to explore orbs, we invite you to check out what they can do for you and your team: