Many teams are now making the move to DevOps, and there is good reason: using DevOps practices helps enable teams to be more responsive to market changes. They can deploy code more quickly and more safely, and with less fear of breaking production.

But switching to DevOps is not an either/or proposition. DevOps is a mindset of bringing operational knowledge to development, yes, but it also comes with a panoply of processes, approaches, and ways of using tools that set it apart. The leaders of mature DevOps organizations simply think about engineering differently.

The bad news is you can’t wake up one morning and decide to “do” DevOps. But the good news is that moving toward DevOps is a journey that is never done! Which means that any team can make the move to become a more mature DevOps organization – starting right now.

In our newest ebook, Rob Zuber, CircleCI CTO and veteran engineering leader, presents us with the DevOps principles he’s seen at play in the most efficient engineering orgs over his career. He breaks down what an always-improving DevOps mentality looks like: where should a struggling team focus their energy? Where should a fast-moving team look to improve next? How can you start measuring everything in your pipeline without losing velocity?

Read the ebook and learn what you can that will move your team further up the maturity curve.
Download Leading Your Team to DevOps Maturity.