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Our mission is to enable teams to do their best work. Today’s release of CircleCI 2.0 represents a huge step forward on that path. Over 5+ years and 65M+ builds, we’ve learned a lot about how the most effective engineering teams work. They commit early and often, and get validation on new ideas immediately. They can spot problems quickly and fix them even faster. Implementing CI/CD frees teams to ship better software faster and individual devs to push code and innovate without fear. With the release of CircleCI 2.0, we’ve taken what we’ve learned from years of working with developers, and are giving teams what they’ve been asking for to help them work better:

Power: Faster build times thanks to advanced caching strategies and flexible resource allocation. Speed up build cycles and ensure quality code by using SSH access and local builds to quickly troubleshoot and remediate.

Flexibility: Run CI/CD without limits: no pausing work while environments update. Language inclusivity frees your team to use any toolchain or framework.

Control: Using Workflows lets teams run build-test-deploy stages as individual jobs, allowing teams to fully customize their development process.

We’ve redesigned our build engine from the ground up, making great strides in both speed and control. In the 7 months since CircleCI 2.0 has been in beta, more than four thousand organizations have run 1M+ builds on the new platform. And they’ve been very vocal about how much it’s improved their build process:

“Workflows + Docker caching are great with CircleCI 2.0. I’m pumped about what we can do with this! Our Docker build times have gone from ~12 minutes to less than 2 minutes on CircleCI. Fan-freaking-tastic.” - Josh Dover, Senior Software Engineer, CrateJoy

You can read more about what early 2.0 users have been saying here.

But we’re not done developing. In this age of cloud-based software products, a good product is never done. And CircleCI 2.0 is no exception. What’s next? An in-depth explanation of our new pricing (note to existing users: your pricing won’t change unless you upgrade your plan), and CircleCI 2.0 for our mobile and behind-the-firewall customers.

So, here it is. And in the spirit of ongoing release, feedback, and iteration, we are eager to hear what you think about CircleCI 2.0! Please share your thoughts with us here.

Finally, we want to say a very special thank you to all the teams who used our beta, gave incredible feedback and helped us get CircleCI 2.0 to where it is now, and where it will continue to grow.