One of our most requested and popular features, IP ranges for the Docker executor, recently became available to all customers on a Performance or Scale plan. With IP ranges, you can route job traffic through an IP address that is verifiably associated with CircleCI. This enables your team to meet compliance requirements by limiting the connections that communicate with your infrastructure.

With any new feature, you want to know how much it’s going to cost your team. Today, we’re introducing a simple (but powerful) addition to the Resources tab within the Job Details page in the CircleCI web app to help you better predict the costs of using the new IP ranges feature.

Visibility into network transfer data within the UI

The IP ranges feature consumes 450 credits for every GB of data transferred when a job has the feature enabled. We’ve added network transfer data (all traffic in and out of the container) to the Resources tab (shown in the green box below) to give you even more visibility into what goes on while your job is executing and help IP ranges users make informed decisions.

Resources tab

This data enables you to:

  • Derive an estimated cost of enabling IP ranges on a given job
  • Optimize credit consumption for projects with jobs that already have IP ranges enabled

If you are considering enabling IP ranges on a job, you can estimate the cost by taking the network transfer data (converted to GB) and multiplying by 450 credits. If you have already enabled IP ranges on several jobs in your project, this job-specific data will allow you to understand the costs incurred from each job within the project and optimize accordingly.

We’ve heard a tremendous amount of feedback from our customers that the resource utilization graphs within the Resources tab help them seamlessly right-size their compute to take advantage of the multiple resource sizes on our platform. We’re dedicated to building on that momentum and will continue to enhance the Resources tab to give you additional insights into what goes on while your job is executing, all while making cost predictions for new features like IP ranges frictionless.

Have ideas for what else to include in the Resources tab? Share them via Canny to let us know what other kinds of resource visibility during job execution you find valuable.

Data usage on the Resources tab is approximate. The Plan Usage page should always be used as the source of truth for billing purposes.