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When Allen and I started CircleCI, just over two years ago, our vision was simple: to make developers more productive. Last Friday we took another step towards that vision by raising a $6m Series A round from DFJ.

It’s been about a year since we first raised our seed funding and since then we’ve focused exclusively on building our product. We didn’t focus on marketing or sales and we didn’t throw money into adwords. We committed every resource available to building the best product and the best experience possible for our customers, and something amazing happened: we began to grow.


Over the last year we’ve grown dramatically, serving over 1000 customers with over a million dollars in revenue, however the most interesting thing is how we’ve grown – almost completely by word of mouth. To every developer who has helped spread the word – we can’t thank you enough!

Over the next year we are going to continue that relentless focus on product. Firstly we will build next generation tools to make Continuous Deployment more powerful and scaleable. Secondly we will be building an Enterprise product which will have some very powerful features which many of you have asked for. Thirdly, we will relentlessly extend and improve CircleCI to allow developers to be more productive for years to come.

For us this money is not exciting as an achievement, its exciting as an opportunity. It allows us to grow our company in accordance with our values: a focus on productivity, a company-wide commitment to speak and listen to our customers, and to build a product for developers and by developers. These are core to what we do at CircleCI and they will always remain core as we continue to grow.

We’ve achieved our success to date by hiring people who care deeply about our customers: developers! We have a lot of work ahead of and we’re looking for the right folks to help us.