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About CircleCI

We build CI/CD tooling to keep the world’s best engineers shipping great code.

CircleCI is built for builders.

Software delivery is complex and getting more complex every year. Our mission is to keep you on top of it all, so you can deliver great products and enjoy the process.


We help developer teams ship quality products faster and more safely


We enable dev experience teams to deliver efficiency for the engineers they support


We help great businesses innovate and create happier customers, while keeping the business safe

The CircleCI platform was created by a team of DevOps experts who understand how critical CI/CD is to your entire development process and your entire business. The best software teams know that speed, focus, and consistency of delivery make the difference between good and great.


Founded in 2011 in San Francisco with a globally distributed workforce, we build CircleCI to deliver on these promises so you can deliver on yours — to reliably bring only the highest quality products to your customers.

Meet the CircleCI leadership team

Jim Rose


Rob Zuber


Chitra Balasubramanian


JP Leblanc

エンジニアリング担当 SVP

June Ko

Chief Legal Officer

Tom Trahan

ビジネス デベロップ部門 SVP

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