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Branch stays agile with CircleCI

Why CircleCI?

Branch provides the deep-linking infrastructure that helps mobile device and app users get the same content experience no matter which device, platform, or channel they’re using. Developers have used CircleCI for build and deploy since the company launched. “CircleCI works perfectly for us,” says Javeria Khan, systems engineer at Branch. “We can deploy code directly into production, and it only takes a few minutes to go live. We don’t even have to think about the build tools – they help us achieve continuous integration easily and seamlessly.”

The Challenge

Branch developers are on weekly releases, so they need fast iterations. They wanted to avoid the maintenance and setup time commonly involved with continuous integration – as well as the learning curve needed for new engineers joining the rapidly growing startup. “For a team like ours – especially a startup and one that believes in very fast iteration – continuous integration is very important,” says Khan.

The Solution

CircleCI makes it easy for different development teams within Branch, such as products and services, to create their own testing scripts and run them on CircleCI. “Automation is better for us, given the rapid build-release-deploy cycle,” Khan says. “It’s easy for developers to call their own testing infrastructure scripts within their CircleCI builds, so that helps keep us on deadline.”

Because CircleCI setup is easy, the learning curve is short for newcomers. “For most projects it’s just as easy as bringing a circle.yml into it,” Khan says. “There’s no extra stuff we have to do there. And there aren’t many other pieces that new developers have to pick up – it’s just about showing them what they have to put in the circle.yml, and that’s about it.”

Javeria Khan
“CircleCI is the easiest continuous integration tool to get up and running fast. It just works magically.”

Javeria Khan
Systems Engineer at Branch

About Branch

Branch provides solutions that unify user measurement across different devices, platforms, and channels. The introduction of mobile has divided today’s businesses, causing inaccurate attribution and links that don’t work, leading to wasted marketing spend and broken customer journeys. Branch fixes that by providing a holistic view of various user touch points and ensuring that links take the user to the right place on the website or native app.


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