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Brandfolder adds speed to testing to boost brand value

Why CircleCI?

Brandfolder helps companies easily store, find, and share digital brand assets such as artwork, brochures and business cards. The company prides itself on its rapid response to customer feedback about potential features or bugs – which means Brandfolder developers need quick turnaround on the integration process, quickly testing and pushing changes. “When we’re responsive to customers, it really drives that brand love that’s so valuable,” says Jim Hanifen, head of product for Brandfolder. “And that responsiveness also drives customer retention.”

The Challenge

“You can do amazing things with a team of any size,” Hanifen says. “You drive customer delight through the speediness of your ability to make changes.” To change and iterate products, Hanifen needed tools and processes to get code into production as quickly as possible. “We need to get visibility into our tests, and have our CI infrastructure integrated with the rest of our stack so we can get feedback on what’s happening without leaving the tools we’re used to,” Hanifen says.

The Solution

CircleCI gives Brandfolder’s development team the power to work independently and push code to production without delays. CircleCI adds speed to the company’s small but mighty engineering team, helping them save time on strategic projects like developing new features.

“It’s really important for us to be able to move quickly as a team — it’s one of the reasons we’re number one in our industry for customer satisfaction,” Hanifen says. “When we hear customer feedback or learn about a bug, or when we have an idea for a feature, we want to be able to get into production in a responsible way, and test it as quickly as possible.”

CircleCI also adds value because it removes the burden of managing testing infrastructure. This way, Hanifen says, the devops team can focus on responding to customer needs. “With the right tools and software, you can put in the effort toward getting the things done that directly affect your business and your customers,” Hanifen says.

Jim Hanifan
“CircleCI gives us an easy platform to run tests, so we can be efficient and move fast.”

Jim Hanifan
Head of Product at Brandfolder

About Brandfolder

Brandfolder offers a simple Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution for storing, sharing, and showcasing digital assets. Brandfolder lets users share and convert assets while also providing visibility into who’s viewing or downloading assets.


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