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FUSE Autotech bug-proofs their software with CircleCI to build customer trust and loyalty

CircleCI helps to make financing a car simple for 50+ car dealerships across the US and growing

FUSE Autotech is working to shake up the auto selling process, offering an end-to-end process for auto dealers to offer vehicle financing and create catalogs of cars for sale. To continue disrupting the auto sales market, FUSE is continually upgrading its products, requiring a demanding schedule of builds and testing by developers.

“The need to show rapid improvements is absolutely a key enabler for our company’s success,” says FUSE Director of Engineering, Johnny Mor. “With the CI/CD process we have, we’re able to demo new features in no time while maintaining stability to all of our customers.”

From FUSE’s first day in 2020, the development team adopted CI/CD and CircleCI. “We used CircleCI before we even had one line of code in the app repo,” Mor says. “We’re developing in an Agile culture. Each sprint is conducted with two weeks of features and enhancements, followed by continuous deploys to a staging environment.”

High standards for CI/CD solutions

FUSE makes sure that all third-party development solutions meet its strict criteria for solving development needs, documentation, debugging capabilities, and being production-ready. “We’re very strict about the phrase, ‘Don’t make me think if I don’t have to,’” Mor says of the value of documentation and ease of implementation.

CircleCI met the company’s tough standards for a CI/CD solution. “Besides code being built, tested, and deployed using CircleCI, we also follow strict security constraints,” Mor says.

Because FUSE carefully tracks features versus bugs as a way of monitoring its solutions’ reliability, CircleCI plays a valuable role in helping developers measure success. The development team grants a given number of points for each new feature based on its ROI and complexity. Bugs are also assigned points based on their criticality. The goal for each dev team is to generate as many ROI points as possible, and as few bug points as possible.

Johnny Mor
“By making rapid changes and updates to our products, and using CircleCI to reduce the chance of broken code, we enable our company’s success.”

Johnny Mor
Director of Engineering at Fuse Autotech

Reliability and usability become key differentiators

FUSE customers are generally non-technical users, raising the stakes for the company to create products that are as reliable and easy to use as possible. “By making rapid changes and updates to our products, and using CircleCI to reduce the chance of broken code, we enable our company’s success,” says Mor. “It’s something I consider a differentiator.”

About FUSE

FUSE delivers an intuitive, transparent, and fast way to buy a car. FUSE eliminates operational inefficiencies and provides a seamless transition from online shopping to the in-store purchase. It’s a one-of-a-kind customer experience only made possible with a system created from the ground up.


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