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Kaizen Platform uses CircleCI to deliver high quality software to customers quickly and continuously.

Toshimasa Ishibashi
“For us, CircleCI is the most important piece that bridges development and deployment; we couldn’t live without it.”

Toshimasa Ishibashi
Co-founder and CTO at Kaizen Platform

The Challenge Prior to CircleCI

Kaizen Platform has been using CircleCI since the company started thanks to the platform’s ease of initial setup, no need for maintenance, rich integration with other services and customizability.

The Solution

With CircleCI, Kaizen Platform is confident that it can meet business objectives while trusting CircleCI to run a stable continuous integration system, continuously running unit and end-to-end tests at each build. Continuous end-to-end testing has resulted in greatly improved quality of service for Kaizen’s web customers.

Thanks to easy integration with chat applications and GitHub, the company has streamlined its workload by using ChatOps to consistently automate a number of tasks including application deployment, server automation, and security updates. Kaizen has built a powerful system to automatically run security updates by leveraging CircleCI to check on EC2 security updates—engineers simply need to merge the pull request, which in turn triggers builds on CircleCI that runs security updates on all servers.

Additionally, because CircleCI handles infrastructure management, server monitoring and disaster recovery, Kaizen has saved considerably on the operating costs of running a CI system themselves and is able to scale as needed in just a click of a button.

Toshimasa Ishibashi
“From simple setup and easy integration across GitHub, Chat apps, Docker (and more) to the ability to deploy to different environments from production, QA, and staging, CircleCI has proven to be completely indispensable for our business.”

Toshimasa Ishibashi
Co-founder and CTO at Kaizen Platform

About Kaizen Platform

Kaizen Platform allows brands, agencies, and freelancers to collaborate, create, and test the best experiences across the digital customer journey. Kaizen provides a full-service conversion optimization solution; strategy, creative, analytics, and experiments—all in a single platform. Customers like Nestle, Dannon, and Yahoo! trust Kaizen Platform’s full-service technology + optimizer marketplace model to save labor costs, scale creativity, increase personalization, and drive measurable ROI.


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