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Lumigo perfects its code by testing on CircleCI

The application monitoring platform relies on CircleCI to ensure every commit is green

The challenge

“Doing a good job means delivering a high-quality product,” says Ido Golan, software developer at Lumigo in Tel Aviv. Lumigo has built an observability platform that simplifies monitoring and debugging of serverless applications, and recently expanded its services to include support for containers (and soon Kubernetes).

As Lumigo expands its feature range, developers have to keep up with the fast pace of checking code.

“We use a lot of services and repositories, and it’s really easy to miss things,” says Golan. “Integration tests are very important to us. With every commit and every push we want to make sure nothing is broken.”

The solution

Saving time was also a factor for Ido and his colleagues – as well as keeping quality high while reducing hours spent testing code. “Our backend gets data from a lot of distributed systems, and we need to deliver it to the front end in minimum time,” says Golan.

On a search for a CI/CD solution, Lumigo chose CircleCI. The time-saving benefits became apparent right away.

“I had to develop something like a sanity check for the system, which runs at specific times to make sure the system is stable,” Golan says. “We did it using the CircleCI scheduled pipelines feature with just a few clicks in the CircleCI UI, and we saw right away that it could improve our productivity.”

Ido Golan
“The UI is very easy to understand, it’s easy to get new engineers up and running, and CircleCI ensures everything works.”

Ido Golan
Software Developer at Lumigo

How CircleCI powers Lumigo’s business

Lumigo developers want to quickly remove bugs from the Lumigo platform to ensure customer satisfaction.

“Customers expect Lumigo to be a stable and reliable product,” Golan explains. “If we find a bug, we can use CircleCI to correct the problem very quickly. We develop the bug fix locally. In 10 minutes we’ve fixed the bug, delivered to production, and ensured nothing is broken.”

More and more, CircleCI is facilitating the fast fixes and bug-free code at Lumigo. “The UI is very easy to understand, it’s easy to get new engineers up and running, and CircleCI ensures everything works,” says Golan.

Benefits of using CircleCI:

  • Fast bug fixes help Lumigo boost customer satisfaction
  • Automated tools like scheduled pipelines help developers run tests more often
  • Easy UI speeds adoption by developers

About Lumigo

Lumigo is an observability and debugging platform that delivers automated distributed tracing across the full spectrum of cloud services used in modern microservice applications, from AWS Lambda to serverless managed services to containers in Amazon ECS.


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