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The Challenge

Netguru is on the cutting-edge of innovation, helping clients navigate digital transformations from start to finish. Whether it’s developing the world’s first concept store or a life-saving app for medical surgery, Netguru provides brands with agile product teams that can design, build, ship, and scale product visions efficiently.

In 2012, Netguru hit an inflection point and continued to grow at a rapid pace. The custom build solutions and Jenkins setup they had in place at the time weren’t performing at the rate they or their customers were looking for. In order to keep up, they started searching for a CI tool that did more than just test and deploy code. They needed a deep, extensive CI/CD tool that required minimal maintenance - one that was fast, flexible and customizable to deliver high performing code.

The Solution

After extensive research, Netguru decided on CircleCI due to its ease of maintenance and was immediately impressed by the tool’s flexibility and speed. Upon implementation, Adam Nowak, the Software Development Practice Lead at Netguru who oversees software delivery quality, saw immediate results; “the moment we switched to CircleCI and started to use their Docker-based workflows and pipelines, it enabled the team to do much more. It was more flexible and allowed us to perform tasks outside of testing and deploying, which was the main goal for us at the time.”

Before switching to CircleCI, Adam and his team waited up to an hour to get through their testing suite. With CircleCI they saw that wait time drop by 75% - down to 20 minutes. “Our previously used solutions and resources weren’t as powerful. With CircleCI’s flexible caching capabilities we were able to increase concurrency, deliver value faster, and our feedback loop was faster. That alone was advantageous for our team.”

In order for Adam and his team to continue growing, they needed the ability to customize their CI setup to meet the digital transformation goals their clients wanted to achieve. Netguru is able to achieve this level of sophistication and speed by automating their integration and delivery pipeline with CircleCI. “We have small services that grab data from one service and sends it to another - say to send an email, as an example. Thanks to CircleCI, we don’t need to deploy an AWS machine. We can just write a script, plug it into CircleCI, add some config, specify that this needs to run once a month, and we’re good to go.”

Why CircleCI

CircleCI provides the level of customization that Netguru’s developers and engineers need to help their clients achieve digital transformation success.

“Flexibility and performance are the top factors our clients are looking for. Because we get that from CircleCI, our growth and the offering we provide our clients are simply much better with CircleCI than without it. In order to provide excellent services ourselves, we need to rely on excellent service providers such as CircleCI.”

Adam Nowak
“With CircleCI’s flexible caching capabilities we were able to increase concurrency, deliver value faster, and our feedback loop was faster.”

Adam Nowak
Software Development Practice Lead at Netguru

About Netguru

Netguru provides consulting services in digital transformation, product development, creating software solutions, and product design. In over 10 years of operation, Netguru has delivered more than 600 projects for Fortune 500 companies such as Volkswagen, IKEA, and Keller Williams, as well as for fast-growing startups in the financial, education and even robotics industries. Netguru serves a diverse set of clients who have changed the way people listen to music, learn languages, rent bicycles, and more. Their products have been featured in TechCrunch, Business Insider, and Product Hunt.


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