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Snyk meets its “ship it” mission with CircleCI

The developer security platform scales with CI/CD

The challenge

Everyone worries about cybersecurity – developers included. For that group, which has unique worries about vulnerabilities in their code, Snyk offers a developer security platform, which ensures organizations can secure all of the critical components of their applications, from code to the cloud, for increased productivity and cost savings.

To serve its developer audience, Snyk’s own developers need tools for delivering new features and updates as rapidly as possible. That’s why the dev team has adopted CI/CD, explains Zoé, a Software Engineer for Snyk.

“One of our core values as a company is ‘ship it,’” Zoé says. “CI/CD enables us to ship as fast and reliably as possible. It also gives autonomy to most teams to deploy.”

The solution

Snyk developers were using TravisCI but found it to be slow and unable to scale efficiently to meet developers’ two-week sprints. Zoé and her colleagues were looking for a CI/CD solution that would provide reliable pipeline metrics, offer scalability, and would allow the company to standardize on deployment methods and configurations.

After considering CI/CD options from Jenkins, GitLab CI, Shippable, and GoCD, among others, Snyk chose CircleCI.

“The platform uptime is reliable and impressive. We don’t need to worry about CircleCI’s availability.”

Software Engineer at Snyk

How CircleCI powers Snyk’s business

“We’re responsible for building the Snyk deployment orb, which means that we provide other teams with a way to deploy to production,” Zoé says. “So we’re continuously improving this tool as part of our work, using CircleCI.”

Zoé and her colleagues rely on CircleCI to provide the testing and speed needed for solution features and upgrades. “The platform uptime is reliable and impressive,” she says. “We don’t need to worry about CircleCI’s availability.”

“I appreciate the low response time and the provided training on platform capabilities,” Zoé adds, speaking about Snyk’s Premium Support.

The value of CircleCI, she adds, goes back to Snyk’s mission: “We’re able to conduct CI/CD, which goes hand in hand with our ‘ship it’ value.”

As part of Snyk’s mission to serve developers, Snyk and CircleCI are also partners. Snyk offers a CircleCI orb to make it even easier for developers to integrate Snyk into their CircleCI workflows. The orb makes it easy to install Snyk, run a test, and monitor projects with a single line of code. Results are then displayed from the CircleCI output view and can also be monitored on

Benefits since using CircleCI

  • Reliable uptime
  • Scalability
  • Speed

About Snyk

Snyk is the leader in developer security, empowering the world’s developers to build secure applications and equip security teams to meet the demands of the digital world.


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