If it works in Docker,
it works on CircleCI

Complete flexibility to run any Docker commands. Access public and private registries for full control over your build environment, so you can ship faster than ever before.

Docker on CircleCI

Here are just a few of the things you can do with Docker on CircleCI

Run in any Docker image

CircleCI natively supports running any job in any Docker image. Pull images from any public or private registry.

Build any Docker image

Use the full power of the Docker CLI in your jobs to build your images in a clean VM, then push to any registry. CircleCI also makes it easy to deploy applications to AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Google Container Engine, CoreOS, Docker Swarm or any other host that can run Docker containers.

Test across Docker images

Run as many Docker containers as you like on CircleCI. You can test each one in individual jobs, or pull them all into a single job and treat them as a single set of networked services.


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